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Media Role Models and Your Daughter

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Anyone who is the father of a daughter knows that encouraging her self-esteem and sense of self-worth is paramount. As she grows older, your daughter will look to a number of sources for information about the world around her. While your role as her dad makes you one of the most influential people in her life, friends, teachers, relatives and athletic…


Is Your Kid a Public Menace? Dealing With Difficult Kids in Public

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If you have high-strung kids like me, then you have become at least slightly acquainted with the inevitable scenes that they can cause in public or at family events. Many parents hardly ever venture outside their homes for fear of meltdowns and tantrums and the embarrassment of having to discipline or deal with them in public. If you fear going…


Never Fear, Guys: Soy is All Right…and Healthy for Men

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There is controversy regarding soy protein for men. It seems soy protein contains compounds that are estrogen-like, and many men are reluctant to eat a lot of soy because of this. Resent research may put some of these fears to rest, so don’t rule out this great source of protein just yet.


What Were They Thinking? Why Weird Baby Names are Just Wrong

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Some parents baffle me. You go to the trouble of bringing a child into the world, and then stick the kid with a name that will lead to schoolyard beatings and unending teasing. Celebrities seem to be the worst about getting overly creative in naming their kids (Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, David and Victoria Beckham come to mind), but…


How to Raise a Son that is Compassionate and Respectful

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I have 3 sons and one daughter, and I know that building their self-confidence and helping them become strong and caring adults is one of my main tasks as a father. I confess, I worry a bit more about my daughter, because I know how crucial self-esteem and such is for a young girl; however, I have more recently realized…


Things that Poison the Father-Son Relationship

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The father-son relationship is a much-stories one, one which is a huge factor in the growth and development of a boy on his way to becoming a man; a boy’s relationship with his father has a large part to play in the kind of man he ultimately becomes, and the kind of father he is to his own children. Unfortunately,…