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Funny enough one of the biggest discussions before your baby arrives and possibly before you are even pregnant is what to name your baby. Both you and your partner are sure to have some very specific ideas on what name you will bestow upon your little one. UrbanDaddies is happy to help provide you with some ideas in your quest for the perfect name.

What Were They Thinking? Why Weird Baby Names are Just Wrong

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Some parents baffle me. You go to the trouble of bringing a child into the world, and then stick the kid with a name that will lead to schoolyard beatings and unending teasing. Celebrities seem to be the worst about getting overly creative in naming their kids (Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, David and Victoria Beckham come to mind), but…


Kids at Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving according to 3 and 4 year olds.. Roman – I am thankful for the lego that my Mom and Dad buy me. Hudson – I am thankful for the ice cream that I get after I eat my dinner. Samson – I love hugging my Mom. Nicholas – I am thankful for my hugs.


Jewish Baby Names

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There is an ancient Jewish saying that ‘with each child, the world begins anew’.  Jewish mysticism regards an individual’s name as connected to their essential self.  Boys are given their Jewish or Hebrew name as part of the Bris Ceremony.   The name given may be Hebrew, Yiddish or a combination of both.   Choosing a Hebrew name for a baby is…


Baby Names: The Complete Names of Shakespeare

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This week in names, we have good ol’ Billy Shakespeare as inspiration. Below you’ll find some very familiar names (Jessica, Julia, Joan), some unfamiliar names (Trinculo, Thurio, Thallard) and names that, well, only a writer could love (Froth, Moth, Dogberry…and Dull). Shakespeare set his plays in England, Scotland, Wales, Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, Greece and Fantasy Land thus there are…