Many men don’t always bond with their children when they’re babies and that’s a shame. Mothers, in most cases, bond because they are with their new babies, at least for the first few weeks and months, 24/7 cleaning, feeding and caring for them. Dad, even if he works at home, can sometimes be left out of the loop.

For the mother who wants to help include the new dad and the new dad who wants to be more included, we offer the Top 15 things that a woman can do to include Daddy once baby is born.

  1. Let Dad help feed baby at night. Feeding is fundamental to all babies and Dad, once breastfeeding is officially over, will get a lot of alone time with baby.
  2. Teach Dad how to change a diaper. Sure it’s icky and stinky but it can also be a lot of fun once the poo is in the trash can.
  3. Get dad a baby harness. If you have a home that needs a lot of maintenance dad can strap baby on while he does it and get in some excellent face time.
  4. Let dad take a bath with baby. It’s easier than in a baby sink and very relaxing for both
  5. Play games together with baby on the floor and let Dad be in charge.
  6. Have a staring contest. Babies can stare like nobody’s business. Dad will love it!
  7. Read. Anything at all, just read. It can be a magazine or the wall street journal, baby doesn’t care as long as Dad’s voice is saying the words.
  8. Let Dad feed baby hard food. This can be very trying and / or very fun. And usually both.
  9. Bounce baby on your knees, Dad. Babies love that.
  10. Let Dad take care of baby when she’s sick. This can be a powerful reminder of how fragile they are.
  11. Allow baby to really touch your face (but be careful if you have a beard or mustache!).
  12. Take lots of pictures! Dad, if you’re a camera buff now’s your time to shine.
  13. Let dad and baby take a nap together.
  14. Dad and baby can sit together on a rocking chair and rock for a while.
  15. Carry baby on your shoulders (if they can hold up their head) and play ‘horse’. (Dads make the best horses.)