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Why Being a Dad is the Ultimate Calling in a Man’s Life

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According to the most recent U.S. Census, one in three kids lives in a home where the biological father isn’t present. This startling statistic has clear repercussions in many ways: kids who don’t have a good paternal role model are more likely to live in poverty, engage in criminal activity, and drop out of school. Being a dad myself, it’s…


Eating Hot Peppers is Great for Your Health!

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I love spicy food–I tell my wife I enjoy it when my food bites me back. She and the kids are not into painful eating, although the oldest boy is starting to experiment. But now I have a reason to start cooking more to my taste than theirs: hot peppers are healthy!


The Most Important Vitamins Your Kids Need

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A big part of being a dad is making sure your kids are healthy. Nutrition is important, and many kids today eat foods that are fast and simple, but are poor in vitamins. A growing child’s body needs vitamins to work properly, and for proper growth and development. There are two types of vitamins: fat-soluble, such as vitamins A, D,…


Common Diet and Workout Supplement Ingredients

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If you’re a fitness-minded man, you are not just concerned with exercising, you’re also interested in putting the right “stuff” in your body. This means you watch what you eat, and many men take supplements to help build lean muscle mass, lose weight, lose fat, and more. Supplements can be a valuable addition to your workout and diet in terms…


Child-Proofing Your Living Areas

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So, you’re a new dad–or you will be soon. Being a father is a big step in your life, one of those big developmental milestones that men must go through in order to earn their “Official Manly Man” badges. Just kidding. However, once you realize that growing bump in your wife’s midsection really does contain a baby that will, eventually,…


How to Hire a Nanny

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Having a trusted nanny for your children can be a great thing. If you and your wife both work, having someone safe and reliable to take care of your children when you are away is a significant load off your mind. A good nanny becomes a part of the family, which is what you should want, someone who loves your…