Many household accidents can be prevented by using simple child safety devices on the market today. Whether it’s around the pool or around your house you need to know how and what will keep your little one safe and secure.

Naked Cribs Best for Decreasing SIDS Risks

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The latest guidelines released from the American Academy of Pediatrics bring the same message consistently offered by the Academy: to protect your infant best from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or any other sleep-related death, for instance, suffocation, you should make sure the baby sleeps alone, on his or her back, in a “naked” crib.


Child-Proofing Your Living Areas

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So, you’re a new dad–or you will be soon. Being a father is a big step in your life, one of those big developmental milestones that men must go through in order to earn their “Official Manly Man” badges. Just kidding. However, once you realize that growing bump in your wife’s midsection really does contain a baby that will, eventually,…


Pool Safety for Kids

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We don’t want to scare anyone, but, over 400 people die each year in Canada in water-related accidents.  Here are some tips on keeping the little ones safe in and around pools.  Sound the Alarm: A pool alarm sounds when it detects an object breaking the surface of the pool water. These should be used in combination with self-closing, self-latching…