Kensington Tours’ Ferrari Tour of Italy

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For the Dad Who Has a Need for Speed Kensington Tours’ Ferrari Tour of Italy – from $8,324 There’s nothing better than the wind in your face while driving in the world’s most exotic automobile. Wait- there is – driving through though the hill towns of Tuscany and windy roads of Fonteverde. Give dad the ultimate Father’s Day gift with…


Positive Reinforcement: What NOT to Say to Your Kids, and Why

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We’ve all been there: you’re tired, frustrated, busy, maybe hungry…and the kids just. Won’t. Stop. Whether it’s sibling bickering, demands for things or attention, or putting out fires (literally or figuratively), being a parent is not always a fun job, and sometimes we say the wrong things in the heat of the moment. Although it’s never going to be possible…


Why Dad Parenting Styles Work

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I’ve always been the “fun dad,” and I find that my fellow fathers often fall under that heading, too. Everyone knows that dads have a different parenting style than moms do: we tend to be more rough-and-tumble, messier, more impulse, less “rule”-driven. These differences can sometimes mean head-butting with mom–sometimes they think we take things too far, or not seriously…


Looking Your Best: the Best Male Grooming Products

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Sure, a scruffy chin and grimy hands evoke images of a hard-working, no-nonsense, “Man’s Man,” but we all know that the ladies like us best when we’re clean and smell good. This isn’t about being “metrosexual,” no man-purses or male makeup here; this is about looking your best and feeling your best, and that takes the best male grooming products.


Never Fear, Guys: Soy is All Right…and Healthy for Men

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There is controversy regarding soy protein for men. It seems soy protein contains compounds that are estrogen-like, and many men are reluctant to eat a lot of soy because of this. Resent research may put some of these fears to rest, so don’t rule out this great source of protein just yet.