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We can’t help ourselves; there is always a new fun something for your little one. Urbanmommies.com uncovers and shares their monthly favorites.

Dr. Seuss by Converse

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Just in time for the holidays, Converse has launched a partnership that’s unique, playful and reminiscent of when we were young; Dr. Seuss and Converse combine from the sole to the tongue.  Bold colors, rhymes and the funny characters that Dr. Seuss made famous are boldly displayed on Chuck Taylor All Star shoes for both adults and kids.  (Just don’t…


Purex 3 in 1

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At times, you need efficiency and a good detergent that will get the grass stains right out.  These are pretty cool.  Each 3 in 1 sheet has detergent, fabric softener  and stain remover embedded in the cloth, and you just throw one in with the wash (at any temperature) and walk away.  Transfer the while kit and kaboodle to the…


Dyson DC31 Animal

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Honey, PLEASE may I vacuum some more?  You’ll be an even bigger star when you get your hands on this puppy.  The Dyson DC31 Animal is a handheld, rechargeable vacuum cleaner that could suck the chrome off a Dodge.  It’s powered by the new Dyson digital motor and has 3 attachments that got in every hard-to-reach spot in our tester’s…


Green Gifts for Dads

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Half (50 per cent) of Father’s Day shoppers say they will buy, or have already bought, an environmentally friendly gift this year, according to a new poll conducted for Bullfrog Power, Canada’s 100 per cent green electricity provider. The poll results further illustrate how Canadians’ concern for the environment is influencing different areas of their lives, including their purchasing decisions…