Kids develop and grow at an astonishing pace. The more you know about the typical milestones and stumbling blocks, the more patience you can acquire.

Quick and Dirty New Dad Primer

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My first born bailed out a few weeks early, two days before the date set for my wife’s baby shower. That sort of created a scheduling conflict, especially since wife and baby had to stay in the hospital for three days. So, as a result, our daughter was present at the re-scheduled shower. We got a great card from one…


Discipline Vs. Punishment: Keeping it Fair and Effective

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Any father knows that, unfortunately, discipline is something that you have to do.  All of us have been out in public or dealt in private with others’ kids that were acting like total hellions, and it was obvious that their parents had just given up on disciplining them. Discipline shouldn’t be confused with punishment: punishment is punitive and reactionary, whereas discipline…


Networks: Virtual Support for Real Dad Issues

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According to the latest studies, more Canadian dads are choosing to be stay-at-home dads (SAHDs), and modern fathers are spending substantially more time with their kids, becoming more involved in their activities and development–stuff that a decade ago was more “Mom stuff”. Being a dad is a big responsibility with huge rewards, and just like any other big responsibility, the…


Movember Men’s Contest

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