Children need to learn through play to develop imagination, creativity and grow intellectually and emotionally. Urban parents can play a huge role in this. Here are some play ideas for a rainy day.

Dogs and Kids

What You Need to Know About Dogs and Kids

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The sayings are endless: “Dog is man’s best friend,” etc. Every kid has clamored for a puppy at some point in time—and some clamor for them constantly. There are many reasons it is good for kids to have dogs…but there are also many reasons why it is not a good idea. Sure, your kids can learn a lot about life…


Fun New Sports Games for Kids

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Everyone knows that kids need lots of activity to keep them healthy, fit, and out of your hair every now and then! Team and individual sports are great for the physical aspects, plus they teach cooperation, competition, and a sense of achievement. However, sports aren’t limited to the big names of basketball, baseball, football and soccer–there are tons of great…


Bearfoot Bistro, Whistler

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It’s rare that I go to a bar and don’t quite understand what’s going on.  (Hold the comments, please).  In Whistler’s swanky Bearfoot Bistro, I saw a bar made of ice with what I thought were tealights in the ice, a group of people in white parkas and Russian fur hats in a private room, and read great quotes on…


Hockey Pools with Kids

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Last year during playoff season, we did a super-fun activity.  We listed the teams in the playoffs, and every member of the family picked their favourite winning team.  It’s a great chance to talk about different cities and colours, as well as teach a healthy competitiveness.  Every time there’s a new series, repeat the exercise.  Have prizes after each round. …