Ready or Not

The process from conception, through delivery, to watching your baby grow and develop into a toddler, is an amazing journey that can leave you with many unanswered questions.

Three Danger Signs During Pregnancy

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During the nine long months of pregnancy, a woman’s body and mind go through a tremendous series of changes and endure a lot of discomfort. Morning sickness, cravings, aches and pains, an amazing reduction in bladder capacity, mood swings, etc., etc…Since you have to live with her and because she is, in fact, carrying your child, it’s in your best…


It’s Not All in Your Head: Male Pregnancy Symptoms are Real

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We’ve all heard the stories; most of us have actually experienced it: “sympathy pains,” or other symptoms in common with your partner’s during her pregnancy. I know I did. I got nauseated, had mood swings right along with her, even gained a few pounds. Of course, she wasn’t terribly sympathetic to my sympathy pains… Most guys seem to feel a…


Never Fear, Guys: Soy is All Right…and Healthy for Men

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There is controversy regarding soy protein for men. It seems soy protein contains compounds that are estrogen-like, and many men are reluctant to eat a lot of soy because of this. Resent research may put some of these fears to rest, so don’t rule out this great source of protein just yet.


What Were They Thinking? Why Weird Baby Names are Just Wrong

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Some parents baffle me. You go to the trouble of bringing a child into the world, and then stick the kid with a name that will lead to schoolyard beatings and unending teasing. Celebrities seem to be the worst about getting overly creative in naming their kids (Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, David and Victoria Beckham come to mind), but…


Naked Cribs Best for Decreasing SIDS Risks

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The latest guidelines released from the American Academy of Pediatrics bring the same message consistently offered by the Academy: to protect your infant best from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or any other sleep-related death, for instance, suffocation, you should make sure the baby sleeps alone, on his or her back, in a “naked” crib.


Eating Hot Peppers is Great for Your Health!

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I love spicy food–I tell my wife I enjoy it when my food bites me back. She and the kids are not into painful eating, although the oldest boy is starting to experiment. But now I have a reason to start cooking more to my taste than theirs: hot peppers are healthy!