Ready or Not

The process from conception, through delivery, to watching your baby grow and develop into a toddler, is an amazing journey that can leave you with many unanswered questions.

Investing in the Future: Paying for University

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When you have children, you have to face the fact that they are not born Einsteins. They will need to be educated, both in academics and in life. Hopefully, you will teach them by example to be good people, and help out the overworked school systems in the academics area as well. But someday, they will need to go to…


Getting Kids to Eat Healthier

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If you have a house like mine, where you share food prep duties with your wife/partner, the kids’ nutrition is just as much your responsibility as hers. Since obesity is at an all-time high among kids, not to mention related illnesses such as asthma and diabetes, getting kids to eat healthier is important. If your kids are normal, they probably…


Your Role in Labour and Childbirth

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So, she’s having your baby? As romantic as the song makes it sound, the reality is a bit scarier and more intimidating. You watch your partner’s belly swell as the months pass; you feel the kicks and encourage the mom-to-be not to feel bad about her swollen ankles and constant need to pee. You guys put the nursery together, you…


Getting Babies and Kids to Sleep

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Once you have babies at home, sleep becomes a precious commodity. Yes, I know, it’s worse for moms, especially for those moms who breast feed exclusively, but dads lose a lot of sleep, too, especially those of us who work from home. Getting your kids on a good sleep schedule ensures YOU get to be on a good sleep schedule,…


Sex and Pregnancy: NO, You Won’t Poke the Baby in the Head

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This is for all you dads-to-be, who have a newly pregnant wife and are alternately thrilled and terrified by the changes going on in her body, the changes that are happening in your marriage…and in your sex life. Sex is obviously how you got into this state in the first place, so there’s no shame or anything to be embarrassed…