Ready or Not

The process from conception, through delivery, to watching your baby grow and develop into a toddler, is an amazing journey that can leave you with many unanswered questions.

The Most Important Vitamins Your Kids Need

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A big part of being a dad is making sure your kids are healthy. Nutrition is important, and many kids today eat foods that are fast and simple, but are poor in vitamins. A growing child’s body needs vitamins to work properly, and for proper growth and development. There are two types of vitamins: fat-soluble, such as vitamins A, D,…


Making Snacktime Healthier

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We all want to see our kids eating healthy foods. Processed foods just do not give the vitamins and nutrients developing bodies need to produce energy. A rapidly growing body often does better with numerous small meals throughout the day than three squares daily, so encouraging healthy snacking can benefit your shild’s growth and development. Serve Organic Fruits and Vegetables…


Child-Proofing Your Living Areas

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So, you’re a new dad–or you will be soon. Being a father is a big step in your life, one of those big developmental milestones that men must go through in order to earn their “Official Manly Man” badges. Just kidding. However, once you realize that growing bump in your wife’s midsection really does contain a baby that will, eventually,…


How to Hire a Nanny

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Having a trusted nanny for your children can be a great thing. If you and your wife both work, having someone safe and reliable to take care of your children when you are away is a significant load off your mind. A good nanny becomes a part of the family, which is what you should want, someone who loves your…


Anger Management: Picking Your Battles

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Arguments happen. It is just inevitable that you will disagree, sometimes strongly, with someone in your life. When you are a husband and father, those disagreements will happen most often with your wife and children. The results can be stress, disharmony in your home life, and a world of other problems. Generally, we all want to win the arguments we…


What to Expect When You are Expecting (The Guy’s Side of Things)

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Let me first say, I am not trying to pirate the name of the famous book here. I am just trying to start off with a familiar title to catch your attention. If your wife is expecting, you have at least of heard of that book. You should have read it by now, as a matter of fact. But that…