Best Summertime Outdoor Toys

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Ah, summer. That hot, heady season that evokes memories of playing outdoors, barbecues, and lazy days of no school, driving your parents crazy. Even in this age of technology and digital everything, summertime is the time to be outside, and with these best summertime outdoor toys, you can be sure that your kids will leave the iPad and computer behind…at…


Discipline Vs. Punishment: Keeping it Fair and Effective

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Any father knows that, unfortunately, discipline is something that you have to do.  All of us have been out in public or dealt in private with others’ kids that were acting like total hellions, and it was obvious that their parents had just given up on disciplining them. Discipline shouldn’t be confused with punishment: punishment is punitive and reactionary, whereas discipline…


Three Danger Signs During Pregnancy

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During the nine long months of pregnancy, a woman’s body and mind go through a tremendous series of changes and endure a lot of discomfort. Morning sickness, cravings, aches and pains, an amazing reduction in bladder capacity, mood swings, etc., etc…Since you have to live with her and because she is, in fact, carrying your child, it’s in your best…


How to Guide Your Son Through the Puberty Blues

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As the father of three boys, one of whom is rapidly rushing headlong into puberty, the subject of their “coming of age” has been increasingly prominent in our household. Sweaty, stinky clothing, sprouting hairs, and acne have begun making appearances with alarming frequency all around us, and while my wife has our daughter’s puberty concerns on her plate, the responsibility…