Q – When should my baby be sleeping through the night?

A – It really depends which definition of sleeping through the night you are trying to achieve as sleeping through the night means different things to different people.  A baby can sleep longer stretches of sleep based on their age and weight.  On average though by 4 – 6 months the majority of babies can sleep 11 – 12 hours with one night feed and some can do 11 – 12 hours without any night feeds.  There are a few variables that have to be considered to determine a child’s capabilities.

Dawnn Whittaker is a baby and child sleep consultant and lives in Langley, BC. She provides sleep solutions for families throughout North America on an individual basis. Her approach is to first asses the sleep pattern and then put together a sleep plan that reflects the parenting style and supports them through the transition. Contact her at www.cheekychops.ca or 778-552-0069.