Racquet or Bat? Regular or Goofy? Callaway or Ping?

Comprehensive Guide to Nordic Ski Boots

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Nordic skiing is a very popular snow sport, both in Canada and other countries, since it doesn’t need to be done in a specialized ski area. No lift ticket, waiting in line, or hoping that the ski resort is open and has snow early or late in the ski season required—just the right equipment, snow, open space, and the desire…


Top 10 Songs for Dads

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The title says it all — The Top 10 Songs For Dads — and yet it also begs for a bit of mockery. Any self-respecting father might see this and think, Good Lord, not another list of silly songs about sea mammals, sung by middle-aged, slightly balding men and their acoustic guitars. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Dr. Seuss by Converse

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Just in time for the holidays, Converse has launched a partnership that’s unique, playful and reminiscent of when we were young; Dr. Seuss and Converse combine from the sole to the tongue.  Bold colors, rhymes and the funny characters that Dr. Seuss made famous are boldly displayed on Chuck Taylor All Star shoes for both adults and kids.  (Just don’t…