Keeping up with kids is hard work sometimes. The best way to keep up with those little balls of energy is to stay in shape yourself. Between work, helping with the baby (you better be), hobbies, and time to decompress from stress, and still maintaining a healthy level of intimacy with your wife or partner, exercising can fall way down the list of priorities. Today let’s look at some nifty home gym equipment that can bridge the gap.

The Perfect Pushup

For about $30, the Perfect Pushup makes your calisthenics safer and more effective. The set consists of two handles that allow you to maintain a neutral wrist position when you do pushups; this allows you to exercise without unneccessary stress on your wrists, and changes the exercise slightly to work different muscles.

Heart Rate Monitor

Regardless of what type of exercises you do, aerobics, strength training, pilates, or anything else, keeping track of your cardiac and respiratory activity will help you maintain  an effective workout regimen and reach your goals. Also, monitoring your heart rate will allow you to know that your exercises are raising your pulse to the point where you are effectively burning fat and getting in better shape. A good item to consider is the Polar RS300X G1, which retails for $249.95.

Power Block Dumbells

The Power Block Dumbell set is a great space and money saver. The adjustable dumbells have removable weights that adjust up to 90 pounds per dumbell, allowing you to have a complete set of weights in a a small area. Also, the adjustable weights means the dumbell set can be increased as your strength increases. The retail price for the 90 pound set is $588, and the company offers a variety of storage racks and cases to help keep your equipment neat.

Your Best Workout Option: Your Partner

Let’s face it, getting motivated to lift weights and do pushups can be hard. How about an exercise regimen that costs you nothing extra, and it is a workout you will want to engage in: sex! Making whoopie is great for the heart, for the body, and for alleviating stress, yours and hers. Put a smile on your wife’s face while getting into better shape at the same time.