The title says it all — The Top 10 Songs For Dads — and yet it also begs for a bit of mockery. Any self-respecting father might see this and think, Good Lord, not another list of silly songs about sea mammals, sung by middle-aged, slightly balding men and their acoustic guitars.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. No, this list is for Dads in the intrinsic sense. Music that allows a modicum of reprieve from the rug rats (or darling children, take your pick). Songs that one can claim as their own without feeling the need to tie it into fatherhood or parenting or how precious little Xavier was when he paddled the underside of a wok and almost reproduced Wagner.

However, the songs do carry meaning.

Conversely, I suppose almost any song could be added to the list. But subjectivity being what it is, let’s assume that I know what I’m talking about — and that my opinion, somewhat elevated due to my control over the keyboard, is paramount. Agreed? Right.

A side note: At-home father and music maestro, Chico Sousa (no, that’s not his real name — yes, you can call him that) spins his mad tunes every Thursday night on PhreeFM, 8-10pm. An urban dad with serious knowledge — and a deft ear, I might add.

But I digress…

The List…errr, Make that My List:

  1. Pearl Jam — Given to Fly: Possibly the greatest song by the greatest band out there. Epic in sound and stature, like the undulation of a wave.
  2. Stevie Wonder — As: Seriously, I will reach through your computer monitor and smack you upside your raggedy head if you deny the genius of this song. Not to mention Herbie Hancock on the guitar.
  3. The Arcade Fire – Wake Up: A song that begs the question about what we fill our lives with.
  4. David Bowie — Space Oddity:Here I am, floating in a tin can…” C’mon! You can’t not like this song. A song about stepping out, about new territory and open space.
  5. Radiohead — Weird Fishes/Arpeggi: A positing of the metaphysical, and a soothing expanse, always with that glimmer of hope.
  6. Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros — Johnny Appleseed: Street-wise, socially conscious music by a man who lived what he sung.
  7. Mastodon — Sleeping Giant: If you’re my age, then you’ll appreciate the cheesy sci-fi video. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll appreciate the wall of sound that goes with it.
  8. Fleet Foxes — White Winter Hymnal: One listen and you’ll know. It ties in the brilliant harmonies of old church hymns and folk music.
  9. Mad Season — River of Deceit: Because it’s that good. A haunting voice from one of the greats.
  10. Queens of the Stone Age — No One Knows: Precise, choppy guitars, and clean vocals. One of the greatest rock and roll songs from this decade.

There you have it. Drop me a line with your lists too. Music for dads. There have to be a few of you out there who love to fire up the ol’ hi-fi.


Harry Tournemille argues vehemently that music sounds best on vinyl.