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Discipline Vs. Punishment: Keeping it Fair and Effective

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Any father knows that, unfortunately, discipline is something that you have to do.  All of us have been out in public or dealt in private with others’ kids that were acting like total hellions, and it was obvious that their parents had just given up on disciplining them. Discipline shouldn’t be confused with punishment: punishment is punitive and reactionary, whereas discipline…


Networks: Virtual Support for Real Dad Issues

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According to the latest studies, more Canadian dads are choosing to be stay-at-home dads (SAHDs), and modern fathers are spending substantially more time with their kids, becoming more involved in their activities and development–stuff that a decade ago was more “Mom stuff”. Being a dad is a big responsibility with huge rewards, and just like any other big responsibility, the…


Naked Cribs Best for Decreasing SIDS Risks

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The latest guidelines released from the American Academy of Pediatrics bring the same message consistently offered by the Academy: to protect your infant best from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or any other sleep-related death, for instance, suffocation, you should make sure the baby sleeps alone, on his or her back, in a “naked” crib.


Movember Men’s Contest

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Woo hoo!  Want clean, soft skin?  We’re giving away a basket filled with men’s Vaseline Products! How to Enter: 1. Follow us @urbandaddies on Twitter (if you haven’t already) 2. ReTweet This: WIN a basket of Vaseline Men Products if you follow @urbandaddies by Nov 30th! You’ll get an extra entry every time you tweet!


How to Raise a Son that is Compassionate and Respectful

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I have 3 sons and one daughter, and I know that building their self-confidence and helping them become strong and caring adults is one of my main tasks as a father. I confess, I worry a bit more about my daughter, because I know how crucial self-esteem and such is for a young girl; however, I have more recently realized…


Things that Poison the Father-Son Relationship

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The father-son relationship is a much-stories one, one which is a huge factor in the growth and development of a boy on his way to becoming a man; a boy’s relationship with his father has a large part to play in the kind of man he ultimately becomes, and the kind of father he is to his own children. Unfortunately,…