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We know that you don’t like to ask. But why not impress her with your knowledge (and make the baby thing easier too.)

Getting Kids to Eat Healthier

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If you have a house like mine, where you share food prep duties with your wife/partner, the kids’ nutrition is just as much your responsibility as hers. Since obesity is at an all-time high among kids, not to mention related illnesses such as asthma and diabetes, getting kids to eat healthier is important. If your kids are normal, they probably…


Getting Babies and Kids to Sleep

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Once you have babies at home, sleep becomes a precious commodity. Yes, I know, it’s worse for moms, especially for those moms who breast feed exclusively, but dads lose a lot of sleep, too, especially those of us who work from home. Getting your kids on a good sleep schedule ensures YOU get to be on a good sleep schedule,…


Dad-Son Bonding…Over the Toilet?

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Leaving behind diapers and venturing into the blessed freedom that comes with having potty-trained kids is one of those parenting experiences you never imagined you’d treasure so much, but it’s one of those things you look back on as a watershed moment in your dadhood. Diapers are expensive, messy, and just a general pain in the butt…although they’re definitely better…