Sure, a scruffy chin and grimy hands evoke images of a hard-working, no-nonsense, “Man’s Man,” but we all know that the ladies like us best when we’re clean and smell good. This isn’t about being “metrosexual,” no man-purses or male makeup here; this is about looking your best and feeling your best, and that takes the best male grooming products.


Sure, when you look at the skincare aisle in the pharmacy you’re typically seeing stuff geared toward those who possess two X chromosomes, but just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your skin. If you’ve outgrown that pesky teenage acne, it doesn’t take much for men to have great skin. Eat right, drink lots of water, and use a couple of basic products. Here are our UrbanDaddies favorites:

Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort
Dove has a whole men’s skincare line, Men+Care, and we love this body wash. At this price (around $5), nothing softens or cleans your face and body better, with a light, fresh scent.

Lubriderm Men’s 3-in-1 Lotion Fragrance-Free

This lotion is not greasy, doesn’t leave a film, and absorbs quickly. It’s also lightweight and is fragrance-free, which makes it pretty much perfect, especially since it’s less than $8.

Gillette Odor Shield
Say goodbye to sweat stains on your summer shirts. This anti-perspirant is tough as nails and has a great fresh scent that sticks with you.


Even if you’re the kind of guy who grows out his facial hair, you still should keep your neck and sideburns trimmed up and neat, unless you just want to go for the whole “Grizzly Adams” look. Here are some of our recommendations for keeping your stubble at bay and your skin intact.

Aveda Men Pure-Formance Shave Cream
This stuff is serious about keeping your shaving experience smooth and painless…and it smells good enough to eat. It contains seaweed, licorice root, and natural oils, which help your razor glide easily.
$18 (5 oz),

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power
We all know, a lot of the shaving experience depends on the razor itself. This razor is fantastic. Its super-fine blades have a low-resistance coating, which means they move easily across your skin.

Conair for Men i-stubble
If you’re a beard kinda guy, this is a great tool. It helps to keep your beard exactly how you want it; you can control your stubble down to the millimeter. It’s a geek’s high-tech grooming dream with its fifteen settings.

eshave Orange Sandalwood
If you have sensitive skin, or if you’re prone to razor burn, it’s always a good idea to do a pre-shave treatment, to avoid razor bumps, irritation, and to make the shave job easier. This blend of essential, nourishing oils tones, hydrates, and protects your skin with potent antioxidants.
$19 (2 oz),

Art of Shaving and Gillette Power Shave Collection
Have you ever had an old-fashioned shave, complete with the shaving cream applied with a brush? That’s not just for effect; the brush actually helps make the shave more effective, by lifting the hairs and making it easier to get to them. This brush is state-of-the art: its oscillating motion lifts the whiskers and creates a thick, moisturizing lather—fast.

Kyoku SKNFC 911: Razor Repair Balm
Even guys who don’t have sensitive skin will love this stuff, which feels like a cool breeze on your face. Essential oils from Japanese herbs help fight irritation, coupled with skin-calming Witch hazel, chamomile, and aloe, which help your skin recover from the shave.

Jack Black Beard Lube
Jack Black’s products (no, no affiliation with the actor) are all multi-purpose and just flat-out awesome. This particular product is a preshave oil, shave cream, and skin treatment, all in one. It smells great.



A man’s scalp produces around 50% more oil than a woman’s does, making scalp acne, dandruff, eczema, and more. A good rule of thumb is to wash your hair every other day, to keep oil under control without drying out the hair or scalp. As far as hair care styling products go, keep it simple and light, because you don’t want to look (or feel) “shellacked”.

Bumble and Bumble Quenching Conditioner
Bumble and Bumble is a great line of hair care products. A small dollop of this stuff replenishes the moisture your scalp and hair lost during shampooing.

Axe Understated Look Cream with Tea Tree Extract
Styling cream is a good alternative to gel for guys whose hair isn’t too oily. With this, you gain shine, without looking too styled or greasy.

Head and Shoulders Hair Endurance for Men
We love our Head and Shoulders; this particular version conditions the scalp as it cleans up excess oil, leaving you dandruff-free and confident.

Grooming Lounge Some Hair Pomade
We know, when you hear “pomade” you think “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou.” Well, this stuff isn’t the same. This water-based hair styling product delivers a light to medium hold, doesn’t look greasy or oily, and rinses clean, without buildup.

Molton Brown Volumising Thekku Hairwash
Do you feel like your hair is thinning a little? We feel your pain. But before you reach for the Rogaine, try a thickening shampoo. This product includes thekku bark extract, which coats and restores your hair to its former hair-band glory days look. Well, maybe not. But it does make your hair feel thicker and with more volume.

American Crew Firm Hold
American Crew has long been a favorite line of hair and body products for many, many men. This particular gel, which has a low-pH formula without drying alcohol, helps your hair look thicker and shinier, without flaking or that helmet-hair look. And it smells awesome.