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I am a 30-something father of four lovable heathens, avid gamer, technophile, science geek, caveman, and grill addict. Sometimes I have funny stuff to say so I write it down, and I'm lucky enough to make my living doing it.

Secrets of Happy Families

Secrets of Happy Families

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The quality of your home and family life is something that makes or breaks your happiness quotient: if your home life is in the pits, it colors everything else you do negatively, and the opposite is true. You see some families that appear genuinely happy, and others…well, not so much. What are the secrets of happy families, and how can…

Dogs and Kids

What You Need to Know About Dogs and Kids

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The sayings are endless: “Dog is man’s best friend,” etc. Every kid has clamored for a puppy at some point in time—and some clamor for them constantly. There are many reasons it is good for kids to have dogs…but there are also many reasons why it is not a good idea. Sure, your kids can learn a lot about life…

Gifts for expectant mothers

Great Gift Ideas for Expectant Moms

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Men aren’t exactly Einsteins in the gift-giving department, at least not for the women in our lives. We tend to stick to the old stereotypes and standbys as far as presents, and sometimes that isn’t the way to go. Especially when the receiver of said gift is pregnant. How do you choose a great gift for an expectant mom?


How You Can Influence Your Unborn Baby

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So, she’s having your baby. You look at that growing belly and you know that your child is in there…but sometimes it’s hard to wrap your head around that it’s real, and that there is anything you can do to influence that child while it’s still a “bun in the oven.” Surprisingly, there are several things you can do that…


Quick and Dirty New Dad Primer

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My first born bailed out a few weeks early, two days before the date set for my wife’s baby shower. That sort of created a scheduling conflict, especially since wife and baby had to stay in the hospital for three days. So, as a result, our daughter was present at the re-scheduled shower. We got a great card from one…


Positive Reinforcement: What NOT to Say to Your Kids, and Why

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We’ve all been there: you’re tired, frustrated, busy, maybe hungry…and the kids just. Won’t. Stop. Whether it’s sibling bickering, demands for things or attention, or putting out fires (literally or figuratively), being a parent is not always a fun job, and sometimes we say the wrong things in the heat of the moment. Although it’s never going to be possible…