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Harry Tournemille

Father, husband, writer, maniac. Well, the last one depends on who you ask. I'm an at-home father and writer here to serve up mild doses of entertainment and nerdery for your viewing pleasure. My interests? Movies, literature, outdoors, fitness, television, BBQing, beer (a category unto its own), food...wait...this sounds like I'm looking for a date... Best to stop here.

Bed Time Mayhem: Getting the Rug Rats to Sleep


After several weeks in a row of bed-time mayhem with my three-year-old daughter, I decided to use Facebook as a means to troll my list of virtual friends for sympathetic ears. My status read as follows… “Harry Tournemille is welcoming advice on how to get a 3 yr old to go to bed.” The intent was to learn which parents…


Terrible Three’s — It’s Not Easy Being a Toddler


Forget terrible two’s. Once your toddler hits the bold age of three, you can expect (in most circumstances) your patience and temper to be tested to the point of failure. Whining, tantrums, chronic use of the word “no”, intentional “bad” decisions and emotional collapse. It’s easy to see this as your child being defiant or strong-willed — testing parental authority…


No More New Year’s Resolutions 2011

Organization and Finance

I resolve to be less resolute. Does that count? It should. ‘Tis the season for redundant lists with promises ranging from quitting smoking to watching less Oprah to farting less in bed (I got that one from my wife). Why, pray tell? Because we like to take stock at the end of every inevitable year and figure out ways to…