Let’s be honest, most of the Urban Daddies out there are taking fashion advice from the Urban Mommies – am I right? If she is steering the direction of your wardrobe, take back your style. Here are 8 trends to try right now.

1. Statement Scarves – These are not just for the ladies anymore. Pick a pattern like a tartan, or a solid colour and throw it on “like you just don’t care”, avoid the neatly knotted look. My favourites this season are the cable knit scarves from GAP.

2.  Camo – It was all over the runways, and now it’s hit the sidewalk. If your guy is conservative go with a traditional camouflage print, if he’s adventurous try a bright green camo.

3.  Burgundy – Finally a new colour for guys! Burgundy is a great androgynous colour like navy and looks great on guys. Try a hoodie, outerwear, or scarf and gloves in this “new for guys” shade. Check out Ambercrombie & Fitch online for some great hoodies.

4. Leather – It’s everywhere, seriously, you can’t miss it!

5. Cuffed Pants – For the fashion novice; cuff your jeans once and pair them with brown boots (and maybe a white tee and burgundy hoodie as seen above?) If you want to take it up a notch, cuff your jeans and pair with burgundy velvet loafers, very classy.

6. Denim on Denim – This is a look that can go seriously wrong, or make your guy look super cool. I suggest perusing the GAP mens section to make sure you get this right. Two things to keep in mind; mix the tones of your denim, and break them up with a solid tee.

7. Backpacks – This is a trend that got some flak from the fashion police, but I love it. A camo backpack filled with kid’s necessities make an Urban Daddy hot stuff in my books! Travelling? Or maybe going for a more refined look? Black leather is the way to go.

8. Plaid – This season’s plaid is not flannel, and it’s not for lumberjacks (well sexy lumberjacks maybe ;) For a modern update to the classic check out Tommy Hillfiger, I love their plaid shirt collection, an added bonus, they have a great boys section.

Images: Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch