PumpEaseHow do we love thee? Let us count the ways…578, 579.. At UrbanMommies, we love to breastfeed. Pumping – not so much. Until now. PumpEase is a band that fits right over a nursing bra which holds your pump so that your hands are free to do other things. Imagine – sipping tea, stacking Lego, polishing silver! Endless possibilities that you haven’t even considered since the day you scrubbed every floor of the house to try and induce labour. The supports come in cool designs (they even have a Fabulous 50’s collection) and gorgeous fabrics. Think of all the things you could do instead of adding to your carpal tunnel by holding the pump tightly to your breast. This is a great find for moms whose babies are having trouble nursing. It also facilitates more daddy feeds, helps Mom go back to work (or out for dinner) and is great for those who are not comfortable nursing in public. We should mention, too, that Wendy Armbruster Bell is also up for the SavvyMom Entrepeneur of the Year Award. (You can vote here).

Check the webite at www.pumpease.com
or call: 1.866.963.SNUG (7684)