Admit it.  You probably already have.  Guys are SO sick of neckties, golf shirts and BBQ attire.  Really?  An apron?  Uh.. No.  And also – giving us a lawnmover is kind of like us giving you a vacuum cleaner.  We don’t really want more stuff on the ‘honey do’ list.  If you’re stuck for ideas for Father’s Day, here are a few UrbanDaddies’ Picks.  (Read: forward to the women in your life).

1. Gogo Inflight Internet.  Yeah – an iPad might be cool and all, but now you can get on the net while inflight (check which airlines and aircraft have the service before you fly).  And if you’re traveling with kids, will allow distraction enough to take in the in-flight movie.  Get a 24 hour pass, or monthly unlimited and Skype away with the kids if you’ve left them at home!

2.  iPad II.  Engrave it free at  (Beware Angry Birds.  Trust us.)

3.  The Philips Sonicare AirFloss is specifically designed to break down and remove plaque between teeth and under the gumline.  Without the gross-ness of flossing.  Sweet!  Unlike traditional dental floss, Sonicare AirFloss uses micro-burst technology to force pressurized air and water droplets in between teeth, mechanically removing plaque.

4. We recently received samples from Decleor Paris Homme.  Amazing.  We are better looking and softer.  DO NOT Repeat that.  We will deny.

5.  Julius iPod Docking station.  For the funkified Dad.  A perfect desk accessory.