This one is for you, guys.  4 lucky families will receive a case of Popchips, a case of beer, and a gift certificate to a local wings shop.  So you now have no excuse not to have a party next Sunday!!  First, make sure you subscribe to the UrbanDaddies monthly newsletter.  Next, tell us in the comments section below who’s going to win and we’ll draw 4 names on Friday, February 3rd.  Good luck!

·         down. set. snack.
·         down. set. pop.
·         let’s get ready to crumble!
·         half time. crunch time.
·         trying not to cheer with our mouths full.
·         why wait? we’re putting some super in a bowl right now.
·         popchips & pigskins.
·         sideline snack time.
·         snacking from the sidelines? lucky you.
·         game time. snack time.
·         sunday, sunday, sunday! let’s get ready to crumble!
·         football makes us hungry.
·         let the recreational eating begin!
·         champion-chip.
·         work hard. play hard. snack harder.
·         play hard. snack harder.