Pregnancy is different for everyone. The only thing is that is the same is that pregnancy will bring about many changes to a woman both – physically and emotionally.  Some women have long, painful and uncomfortable pregnancies and some have very easy and comfortable pregnancies. Depending on her physical condition, genetics, age and many other factors, you will find that each pregnancy is different on each woman.

Women normally have mood swings as well as emotional shifts during pregnancy. Sorry!! Our only advice?  Smile lots and try not to take it personally…

During the first trimester, menstruation stops, breasts become larger and the blood circulation of the woman also doubles. The uterus starts to enlarge up to three times the normal size. During this time also, morning sickness may occur.  Women become easily fatigued and require much more sleep as the fetus develops. Lastly, constipation as well as heartburn become frequent occurrences.

In the second trimester, usually the discomfort of the first three months tends to subside.  This is the time when the tummy isn’t too big, and she is feeling well.  The pregnancy starts to really show up and she has a unique glow.  Now would be a great time to take a vacation together.

The third trimester is the final period.  She’s usually pretty hot, the joints can ache and it can be hard to get around.  Giving her lots of massage and TLC is a good call.

Pregnancy is an amazing gift. It is very necessary to ensure that women are kept safe and comfortable during the pregnancy. The guys can help ensure that she gets the proper nutrition and that she has enough rest. Enjoy the joys of pregnancy and especially her beautiful new curves.