When your wife is pregnant, sometimes you will feel a little left out. Strangers walk up and greet her, want to give a little Buddha rub to her belly, and completely ignore you…and don’t even get me started on the ways that hospitals often treat the father like he is a second class citizen, like you are more in the way than a necessary part of the whole process. It is kind of a bummer that this important part of your life often leaves you feeling like you are on the outside looking in. The secret to getting back to being a part of the whole thing is to take care of your wife. If you do a lot of the little things for her, everyone will know what a great husband you are, and more and more of those conversations about how the pregnancy is going will include you.

As for taking care of your wife, I am really referring to the little things here. A daily foot massage or back rub will earn you brownie points for days. It also frequently turns into foreplay, which is a bonus.

Another great thing you can do for her is to clean the bathroom. It is a job that many women really hate doing, and she is going to be in there a lot between morning sickness and a runaway bladder. Also, I know from experience that pregnant women frequently develop a sensitivity to cleaners and chemicals, and it’s best to minimize her contact with them. So, help her out by making that environment as clean and nice as possible, and spare her the job by taking that responsibility on yourself. Just remember, if you are down on your knees scrubbing the toilet and she comes running in with her hand over her mouth, scramble!

Here is one that many husbands do not think of, but it is a great one: fill the car up with gas. When she is about six months along, getting in and out of the car can be difficult for her. Additionally, breathing gas fumes is not good for anyone, including unborn babies. Gasoline fumes can also really kick in the nausea, so either she is going to be embarrassed when she gets sick in front of strangers, or you will have to clean out the inside of the car. With all that in mind, remember to be the guy who gets out and pumps the gas. If you and your wife drive separate cars, make a quick trip to the store for her and fill up her car when she needs it.

These are just three little things that you can do to help make the pregnancy easier for your wife. They’re nothing huge, but you’d be amazed the difference I am sure you can think of dozens more on your own. By helping her out along the way, you will be more involved in the pregnancy itself, and you will not feel so left out during this important time.