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Trampoline vs. Elliptical Machine: Which Workout Wins?

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For years, the elliptical machine has been a gym favorite of many men (and women) for a stationary cardio workout, offering more advantages than using many other kinds of machines. However, over the last several years, the trampoline has been gaining more visibility as an exercise method, not just a fun time for energetic kids. Personal trampolines are now fixtures…


Comprehensive Guide to Nordic Ski Boots

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Nordic skiing is a very popular snow sport, both in Canada and other countries, since it doesn’t need to be done in a specialized ski area. No lift ticket, waiting in line, or hoping that the ski resort is open and has snow early or late in the ski season required—just the right equipment, snow, open space, and the desire…


Common Diet and Workout Supplement Ingredients

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If you’re a fitness-minded man, you are not just concerned with exercising, you’re also interested in putting the right “stuff” in your body. This means you watch what you eat, and many men take supplements to help build lean muscle mass, lose weight, lose fat, and more. Supplements can be a valuable addition to your workout and diet in terms…


Hockey Pools with Kids

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Last year during playoff season, we did a super-fun activity.  We listed the teams in the playoffs, and every member of the family picked their favourite winning team.  It’s a great chance to talk about different cities and colours, as well as teach a healthy competitiveness.  Every time there’s a new series, repeat the exercise.  Have prizes after each round. …


Top 10 Songs for Dads

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The title says it all — The Top 10 Songs For Dads — and yet it also begs for a bit of mockery. Any self-respecting father might see this and think, Good Lord, not another list of silly songs about sea mammals, sung by middle-aged, slightly balding men and their acoustic guitars. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.