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Whether you are pregnant or have just had a baby there will be a lot of advice regarding your health and nutrition. Regular check ups and visits to your doctor or midwife are important parts of your pregnancy. How many calories should you be consuming? Do you need more calories if you are breastfeeding? Can you eat fish and how much? You may succumb to your cravings but as long as you eat a well-balance diet and get some exercise you will be able to stay in great shape throughout your pregnancy and get back into your pre-maternity clothes after.

The Modern Midwife

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Who’s delivering your baby? Your family doctor, an ob/gyn? How about a midwife?  With a university degree, evidence based practices and woman-centered care, the modern midwife isn’t the mystic woman she used to be. Today she has the respect of doctors and nurses and is delivering babies in the same hospitals.  For many of us midwifery care raises three red…


Nourishing Foods to Support Postpartum Recovery

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Your body is amazing.  It supported a new life for nine months, and then overcame a physical task unlike any other, to give birth to your beautiful baby. Now, your body is producing milk and adjusting to new hormones, sleep deprivation, and new routines. In many cultures, including in Asia, it is expected that during the postpartum period women rest…