The beginning of parenthood is an exhausting time, and the questions begin, when will my baby sleep through the night? In a family bed or not? How many naps and how often? brings you some of the tips, stories and ways to help you and your baby get some much needed rest and sleep time.

Swaddling Baby and Sleep

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Q – I have a 4.5 month old son, whom I swaddle for all naps and bedtime. He does not sleep for longer than 3 or 4 hour stretches – much to our fatigue/frustration and I am nervous about weaning him out of his swaddle as the lack of sleep is difficult to deal with let alone what it would be like to have him swaddle-free (He is able to free himself of the swaddle most times when he wakes up and is left for a bit in his crib). I tried going without the swaddle for 2 naps and he kept himself up and cranky by grinding his hands into his eyes. I am nervous that I might be affecting his development as he does not roll over yet etc. Is there a maximum recommended age for swaddling and if you are weaning from the swaddle, is there a recommended process? Any help would be much appreciated – thanks!


Waking in the Night

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Q – My boy was born July, 2005. Everything is ok except sleep. During the night, he always cries, wakes up and then takes about 1 hour to sleep again. During the day he is happy and active and can have about a 2 hour nap every afternoon. I am worried that he lacks something in his body. Could you please give me some suggestions?