Posted June 7, 2009 by Jill in Bonding

Get Creative for Father’s Day

Are you ready?  Why not skip the tie and cufflinks.  Meaningful, special gifts could turn into heirlooms and make him smile for a whole year.  We welcome you ideas as well, but for now, here are a few of ours…

1.  Find an artist and get a painting or sketch made from his favourite photograph.

2.  Fill a shoebox with items that signify special memories with the kids.  You could cover the box in pretty paper or glue photographs to the sides.

3.  Buy a pass to the aquarium or a driving range that is just for him and the kids to experience.

4.  Make up a photo album with special photos just for him.

5.  Frame a piece of the kids’ art for his office.

6.  Get tickets to his favourite sporting event for him and the kids.

7.  If you’re pregnant, do a belly photoshoot including Dad in the pictures.

8.  Buy him a hip diaper bag a la Brad Pitt and fill it with necessities for him and the baby.

9.  Get him a hammock and a GQ, and take the kids away so he can use them!

10.  Put together a BBQ kit and include tools, skewers, his fav spices, and get the butcher to wrap up his preferred cut of meat. Throw in some cloth napkins, a masculine tablecloth and some citronella candles.

11.  Rent a couple of action movies and do a Father’s Day movie night on the Saturday before the big day.  (Popcorn and the latest lingere from Aubade optional.)

Jockey tie photograph compliments of Hermes.