World CupSlang, Music, Fun and Futebol. Could anything be better? Just in time to get excited about the World Cup in Brazil, Alice Rose, Nati Vale and Jadson Cacador have published the  “Party Brazil Phrasebook 2014,” the essential language and culture guide for anyone visiting Brazil during the 2014 World Cup.

It’s packed with up-to-date slang phrases, after-hours expressions and insider information on futebol, this book will have you cheering, dancing, drinking and celebrating with the die-hard fans of this beautiful game.

You’ll learn how to buy a round of drinks (i.e. Next round’s on me. = A proxima rodada é minha.), comment on bad calls (i.e. The ref is a thief. = O juiz é um ladrão), and a number of other handy phrases (That girl in the VIP section is super hot. = Aquela mina no camarote é muito gostosa.).

This ultimate insider’s guide will prepare World Cup attendees for whatever or whoever sambas their way.