With 2 stores in Canada, Icebreaker has active parents covered.  Reflective logos, athletic detailing and the signature soft wool make these pieces some of our absolute favs.  The guy’s picks, sporting bright colours with hits of colour inside reminded me of perennial favourite Ted Baker for suits.  Stripes and prints on typically boring athletic attire add to the funk factor.  In the active lines, wool cycling shorts feature built-in padding, and shirts boast a secure pocket as well as gripper tape on the lower back to keep the back from riding up.  Love smart stuff. 

Icebreaker became known for its warmth and softness, and the company prizes environmental sustainability to such a high degree, since 2008 every piece even has a ‘Baa Code’ inside, which allows you to enter the number into their website and see your garment tracked right back to the New Zealand farm the wool came from.   Because the clothing is made from pure merino (like real fleece) it can be 1/3 less bulky than it’s synthetic cousins.  And you know what that means. Lookin’ good in slim-fit.  Nice work, dad.