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Celebrity Baby Names

Want a hip, cool name for your baby?  Check out the latest names in Hollywood.  You may have a bit of trouble finding personalized pencils at the dollar store, though... The Girls... Harlow (Nico...

What does a Doula do in labour?

A - A birth or labour Doula is a woman who attends the birthing family before, during, and just after the birth of a baby. She is also called a “birth assistant” or “labour support specialist".A...
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Signs of Early Labour

Labour: What to expect and when to call as birth approaches Prepared by: First Births Pain Management Patient Education Task Group – August 1997 Revised: March 1999/August 2003 As you reach the 36th week o...
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The Handy Sack

Handy Sack for diaper bagsThe Handy Sack ...