A –A child does not need to speak or know the alphabet to have their eyes examined. The methods of determining visual acuity, refractive error, eye movements, and eye health may differ from those used for adults but an experienced clinician can get much of the same information from a baby’s responses that can be derived from an adult’s exam. All the child needs to have is eyes. The methods used are non-invasive and fun but are too numerous to list here. The best way to learn more is to take your child for an exam. Eye doctors love to talk about what they do to anyone interested.

Dr. Darren Sass is the director of InSight Developmental Learning, a children’s eye clinic in Langley dedicated to the enhancement of visual skills to ensure success in life. Special interests include infant visual development, learning related vision problems, and acquired brain injury. Contact Dr. Sass at 604-455-0477 or www.insightlearning.ca