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The top 15 things a woman can do to include dad once the baby is born

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Many men don’t always bond with their children when they’re babies and that’s a shame. Mothers, in most cases, bond because they are with their new babies, at least for the first few weeks and months, 24/7 cleaning, feeding and caring for them. Dad, even if he works at home, can sometimes be left out of the loop. For the…

5 Easy Steps to Cleaning Your Gas Grill

5 Easy Steps to Cleaning Your Gas Grill

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To help keep your grill in tip-top shape, we consulted the experts at Weber Grills for some easy tips to help you spring clean and fine-tune your grilling machine. As a basic first step, grills should be cleaned before each use. Burn off any residue by turning the grill on high for about 10-15 minutes, and then brush the cooking…

Marriage strip club fantasy

Why going to the strip club isn’t such a bad thing for your marriage.

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I’ll be honest; I’ve never been a big fan of strip clubs.  They’re usually expensive, seedy and, worst of all, the chance of taking a stripper home, at least for me, are zero to less than zero. For other average guys like me the chances are about the same. Here’s the thing though; the fantasy that a strip club can…


Princess Seattle Seahawks Fan Cruise

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Princess Cruises, the Official Cruise Line of the Seattle Seahawks has announced the players and alumni joining the “Sail with the 12s – A Seahawks Fan Cruise,” offering fans the exclusive opportunity to hear players talk about off-season moves, the 2015 game schedule and their favorite memories as a Seahawk. This seven-night Alaska cruise over Father’s Day departs Seattle on…