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Hockey Pools with Kids

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Last year during playoff season, we did a super-fun activity.  We listed the teams in the playoffs, and every member of the family picked their favourite winning team.  It’s a great chance to talk about different cities and colours, as well as teach a healthy competitiveness.  Every time there’s a new series, repeat the exercise.  Have prizes after each round. …


Dumbells by Menu

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If you are anything like us you like the things around you stylish and sexy. A lot of things generally aren’t stylish by their sheer nature. In our case today, we’re talking about the traditional dumbbell.  A dumbbell wasn’t meant to be stylish, it was meant to be used. Sweat dripping, muscles aching, iPod thumping in your ear. Right? Right….


Roasted Veggies

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Fall is the time of year when we crave healthy, satisfying dinners. Root veggies are abundant at this time of year and can be prepared in lots of different ways.  A great way to eat root veggies is to roast them and use them as an accompaniment to a roast beef or chicken dish.  You can omit certain veggies if…