You are in the final stretch, no pun intended. Weeks 29 to 40 (or maybe 42) bring a lot of excitement getting ready for the arrival of your baby. But with the end fast approaching anxiety can set in wondering what will the labour be like and how in the heck is this baby going to come out?

Your Role in Labour and Childbirth

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So, she’s having your baby? As romantic as the song makes it sound, the reality is a bit scarier and more intimidating. You watch your partner’s belly swell as the months pass; you feel the kicks and encourage the mom-to-be not to feel bad about her swollen ankles and constant need to pee. You guys put the nursery together, you…


What to Pack for a Hospital Birth: The Comprehensive List

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The baby is coming! You’re about to go from pregalicious to momtastic and one will become two. It will be one of the most momentous occasions of your life but also one of the most exhausting. When that little angel finally arrives all you’ll want to think about is what to name her, how gorgeous she is and how much…


The Modern Midwife

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Who’s delivering your baby? Your family doctor, an ob/gyn? How about a midwife?  With a university degree, evidence based practices and woman-centered care, the modern midwife isn’t the mystic woman she used to be. Today she has the respect of doctors and nurses and is delivering babies in the same hospitals.  For many of us midwifery care raises three red…


Early Labour – What’s happening and what can you do?

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Early labour is usually the longest phase of labour. What’s happening in early labour? The cervix softens (ripens), begins thinning (effacing) and dilates to 3 cm. You may have show 10-12% of women have their bags of water break at the beginning of labour Soft bowel movements increase Often contractions are sporadic at the beginning of labour. Gradually they develop…


Nourishing Foods to Support Postpartum Recovery

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Your body is amazing.  It supported a new life for nine months, and then overcame a physical task unlike any other, to give birth to your beautiful baby. Now, your body is producing milk and adjusting to new hormones, sleep deprivation, and new routines. In many cultures, including in Asia, it is expected that during the postpartum period women rest…