If you are anything like us you like the things around you stylish and sexy. A lot of things generally aren’t stylish by their sheer nature. In our case today, we’re talking about the traditional dumbbell.  A dumbbell wasn’t meant to be stylish, it was meant to be used. Sweat dripping, muscles aching, iPod thumping in your ear. Right? Right. But then again, if you had some stylish dumbbells, would you mind? No, you wouldn’t, you probably wouldn’t take them to the gym, but you’d surely have them sitting on that fancy desk of yours in the corner office with a view.  Or you’d have them in your den, when you are thinking up a storm for that new start-up of yours.  Or in your living room, when you are going through a weeks worth of mail and papers and are in dire need of a paperweight.  Right? Right!

So with that said, here’s what you need. Highly polished, magnetic, intertwining, stainless steel dumbbells. Yeah, they’re only 1 Kilo – or 2.2 lbs – but that’s just the right amount, you don’t really want to work out in your office, or do you? You could of course, but your Kiton suit wouldn’t like that. Think of them of a constant reminder of what you could be doing. Now let’s get another cocktail!   www.charlesandmarie.com