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Being a parent really is the best thing in the world. Some of the best moments come from events and activities that you can plan and participate in with your children. Getting out with your family is a great opportunity to socialize with other families and children, not to mention a day out on the town usually means a little less clean up at home!

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The top 15 things a woman can do to include dad once the baby is born

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Many men don’t always bond with their children when they’re babies and that’s a shame. Mothers, in most cases, bond because they are with their new babies, at least for the first few weeks and months, 24/7 cleaning, feeding and caring for them. Dad, even if he works at home, can sometimes be left out of the loop. For the…


Kensington Tours’ Ferrari Tour of Italy

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For the Dad Who Has a Need for Speed Kensington Tours’ Ferrari Tour of Italy – from $8,324 There’s nothing better than the wind in your face while driving in the world’s most exotic automobile. Wait- there is – driving through though the hill towns of Tuscany and windy roads of Fonteverde. Give dad the ultimate Father’s Day gift with…


Top 12 Family Things To Do in Victoria

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Victoria, BC–a city some call the “Barbados of Canada” due to its mild temperatures and low rainfall relative to the rest of BC and Canada–is a great city in which to raise a family. Because one of Victoria’s major industries is tourism, there are lots of great family-friendly attractions to take children to including the natural wonders of Vancouver Island…