Jill Amery, Publisher UrbanDaddies & UrbanMommies

Jill Amery founded UrbanMommies Media in 2005 and it has evolved into trusted lifestyle magazines for thousands of male parents. Knowing that Dads play an equally essential role in parenting, UrbanDaddies was launched in 2007. Dads were being left out of the blogosphere, and needed a place to vent, hang out and thrive. We have a varied team of dad writers, and love sharing their fatherhood journeys. Jill is also the publisher at Urbanmommies.com which reaches hundreds of thousands of moms each year. We are always seeking writers so please get in touch if you are interested!

As the mom of two “Jedi’s” Jill’s pallet is mostly French and her fashion sense is decidedly Italian. An avid traveler, when she finds herself home on her West Coast Canadian island retreat, she is usually hosting dinner parties or searching eBay for vintage gowns. She excels at creating a savvy, luxury family lifestyle without breaking the bank. It’s all about being resourceful and making choices that will make finer experiences more accessible.

Jill is comfortable delivering a live media interview, assisting in a third world refugee camp or hosting an elegant charity event. She is as passionate about journalism and sharing the important world stories as she is about testing out hot holiday gifts.

As an influencer, publisher, parent and woman, Jill believes in delivering only the best.

To request Jill for a media appearance, press junket or request the opportunity to work with UrbanDaddies, please contact us at urbanmommies@3cconsulting.ca

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