With so many different methods of education – how is a parent to choose? We will explain the generalities and you can use this knowledge to make the best choice for you and your child.

Anger Management: Picking Your Battles

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Arguments happen. It is just inevitable that you will disagree, sometimes strongly, with someone in your life. When you are a husband and father, those disagreements will happen most often with your wife and children. The results can be stress, disharmony in your home life, and a world of other problems. Generally, we all want to win the arguments we…


Top Dad Movies of All Time

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It’s not every day that we see a movie dedicated to fathers. But when we see one, there is an over pouring of emotion. Stories about fathers have very unique qualities. Maybe it is because we often  subscribe to the popular concept of a father who has a very stern facade, who will not show the emotions that we all…


The Niagara Region: Top 5 Things to Do With Kids

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You’ve made a wrong turn somewhere — or so it seems. Vancouver is impossibly far away; the mountains, the ocean, the transcendent Alibi Room or local microbrewery. Somehow you’re in Southern Ontario, the Niagara Region and you’re not quite sure what to do with yourself, or the pack of kids anxiously biting at your elbows with boredom. Don’t be frightened….