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Princess Seattle Seahawks Fan Cruise

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Princess Cruises, the Official Cruise Line of the Seattle Seahawks has announced the players and alumni joining the “Sail with the 12s – A Seahawks Fan Cruise,” offering fans the exclusive opportunity to hear players talk about off-season moves, the 2015 game schedule and their favorite memories as a Seahawk. This seven-night Alaska cruise over Father’s Day departs Seattle on…


Kensington Tours’ Ferrari Tour of Italy

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For the Dad Who Has a Need for Speed Kensington Tours’ Ferrari Tour of Italy – from $8,324 There’s nothing better than the wind in your face while driving in the world’s most exotic automobile. Wait- there is – driving through though the hill towns of Tuscany and windy roads of Fonteverde. Give dad the ultimate Father’s Day gift with…


High Sierra Golf Experience at The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe

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Golf attracts players for many diverse reasons, from the challenge of the game, to the sheer pleasure of playing. But no matter what draws people to the greens, every golf aficionado can agree that the High Sierra Golf Experience at The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe is the vacation opportunity of the season. Available between May 15 and October 1, 2015, this…


Why Dad Parenting Styles Work

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I’ve always been the “fun dad,” and I find that my fellow fathers often fall under that heading, too. Everyone knows that dads have a different parenting style than moms do: we tend to be more rough-and-tumble, messier, more impulse, less “rule”-driven. These differences can sometimes mean head-butting with mom–sometimes they think we take things too far, or not seriously…


How to Guide Your Son Through the Puberty Blues

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As the father of three boys, one of whom is rapidly rushing headlong into puberty, the subject of their “coming of age” has been increasingly prominent in our household. Sweaty, stinky clothing, sprouting hairs, and acne have begun making appearances with alarming frequency all around us, and while my wife has our daughter’s puberty concerns on her plate, the responsibility…