Summer birthdays can be a ton of fun – especially if you are as handy as you are handsome. A simple bullseye, an exercise band and a sponge soaked with water entertained kids at this Angry Birds party for hours.


1. Hide easter eggs filled with treats all over the yard and have the kids collect them.
2. Build a tower out of cardboard boxes and have the kids throw their shoes at it to knock it down.
3. Use black, red, white, yellow and blue balloons.
Angry Birds Slingshot4. Set up a bowling game with green soda bottles as pigs and a red or yellow balloon with a face as the bird. Idea: Spaceships and Laserbeams.
5. Crafty Teacher Mom sets up a ‘Peg the Pigs‘ game that looks like serious fun.
6. Serve popcorn in TNT containers like in this fantastic party by Catch My Party.

Have a ‘blast’!