I’ll be honest; I’ve never been a big fan of strip clubs.  They’re usually expensive, seedy and, worst of all, the chance of taking a stripper home, at least for me, are zero to less than zero. For other average guys like me the chances are about the same.

Here’s the thing though; the fantasy that a strip club can create in a man’s mind (and some womens minds to be sure) can be very powerful and can be something that helps out greatly when that same man is home with his wife.  Don’t agree with me?  Let me explain my thinking.

Since we’re being honest, let’s all agree that, after a lot of years together, most marriages can get a little stale, especially in the bedroom. Yes, sex is not the most important thing in a marriage but, in fact, it is important.  It’s also important to realize that, if a person’s sexual desires aren’t being met, the chance that someone will stray increases greatly. The fact is, a stale marriage and unfulfilled desires can only lead to marital disaster.

But a strip club can be a way to fulfill some of those desires and indeed create a spark that sometimes brings a hot flow of new life to a married couple’s relationship. Indeed many men that have gone to a strip club with their spouse have reported that not only was their desire aroused but their wife’s as well, leading to new fireworks in the bedroom.

Many men who have problems with E.D. also report that going to a strip club has actually helped them at home. The powerful effects that being naked next to a young, nubile stripper have on a man’s libido can, if treated with respect, translate into real change in a marriage both in an out of the bedroom. Who knows, it may even be better than marriage counseling.