Warning: this is not a “miracle of birth and life” post. This is an I think pregnant women are sexy and I know others do as well piece. Just saying.

Remember sex education in high school? Mine consisted of Degrassi Junior High reruns and some awfully specific anatomical drawings.

All about as physically enticing as dissecting a fetal pig in Biology. And oddly enough, the classes were held in the same lab.

Mix that with some shame-based instruction on teenage pregnancy, and you’ve summed up my early sexual experiences.

So when my wife became pregnant (thank-you Novotel mini bar in Brussels),  my elation was tempered by an anxiety over how her body would change — and the associations I had with pregnancy. I wasn’t sure what to expect or how I’d respond.

Imagine my surprise when I found it all quite alluring.

Pregnant women are sexy — and I’m not some pervy writer cackling over his keyboard. Okay I probably am, but a lot of other men find pregnant women damn appealing too. This isn’t strictly a male perspective either. Many pregnant women claim to feel sexy as well.

Why? Well, from my own perspective and a brief online foray, here’s my list of possible reasons:

  • Everything is bigger! That’s a reference to physiology, by the way. The female body now voluptuous and taught and radiant with heat. Men are attracted by sight as well as touch. And there’s more to see now (and touch). It’s a win-win situation. Remember Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair?

That photo brings me to my next point.

  • Taboo. The tension between conservative pressures to “show less” and the feminine right to be bold in how they carry themselves. Men dig this tension. It really works. Women today don’t wear gunny-sack maternity clothes. They dress sexy because they feel sexy. And that is attractive to a man.
  • At a biological level, a pregnant mate shows an ability to continue the species (and blood line). At some base response, we’re attracted to this. A built-in mechanism.
  • Euphoria over the unknown. Let’s face it, after the whole procreation act is over, we’re pretty much removed from what’s going on over the next 9 months. And yet we’re connected to it, too. And there’s an excitement to that — a listless uncertainty that makes us a little giddy.

None of this is universal, of course. I know a few guys who were not (as) attracted to their pregnant spouses. And there’s always the whole “what if I accidentally nudge the baby” thing. Understandable, I guess.

My experience is these people are in the minority — though this does not discount them. But from where I sit, or stand, or drag my knuckles while I walk, a pregnant woman can be astonishingly wondrous. Especially a confident one.

As was the case those few years ago with my wife, and continues to be today.

Harry Tournemille writes from his kitchen table at home — where the common lines of decency often seem rather gray.