So, relationships after baby can, well, suffer somewhat.  (We won’t poll you on that.)  We’ll admit that it’s tough and you have to work hard.  But the greatest gift you can give your kids is a happy and healthy relationship, and sometimes, it doesn’t take rocket-science.

1.  Buy flowers or make dinner and see what happens.
2.  Have a set date night and plan it – No action movies.  Porn’s ok.
3.  For the record.. Monster Trucks are not romantic.
4.  Nor is inviting your mother to date night.
5.  Sex: just have it.  On the UrbanMommies side, 62% of moms say they never have sex.  Be part of the 38% that does.
6.  Talk to each other.
7.  Sleep in the same bed.  Co-sleeping should be you and your partner.  Not her and the baby.
8.  Make her coffee in the morning.
9.  Gin still works.  Even though she’s over 30.  Or… lemon gin.
10.  Take the kids away from her.  Let her relax in her own home.  You shall be rewarded.