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Christmas Movies for Parents and Kids Alike

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‘Tis the season — well, almost. Fathers begin to have their yearly near-death experiences, stringing Christmas lights up along the eaves. Christmas carols filter through the tinny PA systems of shopping malls. Dusty boxes of decorations are heaved from attics and crawl spaces. The first “test-batches” of Christmas cookies appear on plates. But more importantly (not really), all the old-school,…


Top 10 Songs for Dads

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The title says it all — The Top 10 Songs For Dads — and yet it also begs for a bit of mockery. Any self-respecting father might see this and think, Good Lord, not another list of silly songs about sea mammals, sung by middle-aged, slightly balding men and their acoustic guitars. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


The Roosevelt New Orleans

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You know when you enter a space and your spine gets a tad straighter, your walk more refined?  The Roosevelt New Orleans – this would be the spot.  Pure Grandeur.  And a perfect place in which to access your mojo.  So to speak.  The lobby (opened in 1893) reminded me of the original Waldorf Astoria in New York City, with…


Top Dad Movies of All Time

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It’s not every day that we see a movie dedicated to fathers. But when we see one, there is an over pouring of emotion. Stories about fathers have very unique qualities. Maybe it is because we often  subscribe to the popular concept of a father who has a very stern facade, who will not show the emotions that we all…