Whether it’s March break, summer vacation or a much needed getaway, you might have to haul the kids.  And, you know?  Sometimes it’s easier than you think.  Here are some tips from two dads who recently took a 3 year old to Florida, and a 1 and 3 year old to Vancouver.  They both have brownie points for eons.

1.  It’s vacation.  You don’t need the 4 food groups.  Or five.  Or whatever.
2.  Make friends with a hot flight attendant or a granny who might pay for your kid.
3.  Yusan Bolt in the aisleway.
4.  You don’t need as much stuff as you think you do.
5.  Let them get dirty.
6.  You need more wipes than you think you might.
7.  Don’t be afraid to drink on the plane.
8.  Gravol and Benadryl are not just for adults.
9. Call your wife and whine a bit (even when things are fine).  She would do it.
10.   Proper fitting headphones for your child are a must.. “I spent 2 hours holding my kid’s head.”